Rare Gastro Photor Camera with Photo Collection C.1950's

This rare and historical device was invented in the early 1940's by Franz G Back and was patented in the 1950's. What this unit consists of is a transformer unit that is plugged in the wall and the camera. The camera comes attached to this flexible rubber housed hose that goes down the patients throat into the stomach. When the plunger is depressed the body of the camera retracts and exposes 16 small pinholes and takes a picture of the stomach that requires no focusing. The camera is then retracted an screws off the end of the hose. Tiny film that is inside the camera is developed just like regular film and the results are full 360 view of the stomach. This unit has not been fired up but comes in very good condition. Camera retracts properly. Hose has some age and cracks. The electrical wire on the camera should be replaced and the main power unit needs a fuse. This was well cared for by the doctor and comes with pictures that are stamped on the back by the doctor and correspondence with the company. Very unique and excellent addition to any camera collection or medical museum.

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The Large Owl Cyanotype
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This very hard to find and in great condition collection features 132 stereoscopic cards of skin diseases. The stereo viewer creates a three dimensional effect.  Each card is printed on very heavy card board stock and have a very strong colors that are sharp and not faded. The back of the card explains the type of condition and cure. The cures are quite primitive and more hazardous than the skin disease at times. I have shown just a small glimpse of the collection to give you an idea. The collection is complete and comes in the original stereo viewer and box (that has been reinforced over the years) . Each card measures: 5" x 7" and has normal wear to edges of cards--several have age old stains. Comes with slide id sheet.

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