Bone Chandelier (Black) by Mariano Chavez

The Bone Chandelier (Black) was hand cast to 1/3 human scale. The piece was inspired by the Sedlec Ossuary when a friend of mine sent me a postcard when she was traveling to Prague. The chandelier is comprised of 450 hand cast and machined pieces of high impact industrial plastic that was dyed black. The inner structure is made of brass and the piece is a working light. The individual components are: humerus, femurs, skulls, spinal column, and pelvis. Piece is rather large measuring 50" x 50" with an adjustable drop. Created for AGC by Mariano Chavez. Contact us for shipping quote.

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Large 1915 Skeletal Chart
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Large Mounted Moon Map
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Skull Print

The skull print is simple, clean, and straight forward. Screen printed with a deep black against a natural off white drawing paper the image has a nice range of contrast and depth. Piece is also available mounted with hanger dowels for 98.00.  Measures: 27.5" x 31"

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