Artificial Heart Pump on Dispaly Stand

The AB5000 can be used to support the heart, giving it time to rest—and potentially recover native heart function. The device can also be used as a bridge to definitive therapy.

The AB5000, recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), builds upon more than 20 years of research and development forsimilar technologies--The pump houses an Angioflex® membrane and two proprietary tri-leaflet valves. The pump, connected to cannulas placed in the heart, fills with blood by gravitational force and by vacuum assistance from the drive console.

The last photo shows our current stock of Artificial Heart devices. These pieces are useful research objects for physicians or engineers, and make a useful historical catalog for your research museum.

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1960's Mexican Stash Box
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We have acquired a nice selection of vintage dental manikins from a dental school. As we sort them out and pair them with various different dental sets we are offering up basic models which include: aluminum cranium, red vintage teeth set, and stand at a great price--for a limited time. These heads can be stripped and polished if you are after the aluminum metal look. Prices change if you want a full aluminum model (head and teeth) or some rare hard to find stock. Please check our other listings for other models. The second picture shows some of our other models available.

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