Aluminum Dental Manikin with Orthodontic Teeth Set

Unique aluminum dental manikins are used for procedure study and the face simulates the presence of the patient. The teeth are handed in and graded based on specific procedures the dental student has to do.

The head is made of aluminum and the teeth set are orthodontic with practice braces bracket positions. Excellent design and beautifully molded wax gums with ivory teeth and metal brackets. A unique set intact as the doctor left it.

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The Blacky Pictures Psychosexual Development Test

The Blacky Pictures Test was a projective test, employing a series of twelve picture cards, used by psychoanalysts in mid-20th century America and elsewhere, to investigate the extent to which children's personalities were shaped by Freudian psychosexual development.

When the Blacky Pictures were first created in 1947, their main purpose was to help the analyst understand the changes in a child's personality as he or she progressed through the Freudian stages of psychosexual development.  The Blacky Pictures were shown by a psychoanalyst to a patient and the subject's reactions were analyzed in relation to the Freudian personality traits. Subjects were rated on a variety of dimensions, including oral eroticism, oral sadism, castration anxiety, sibling rivalry, positive ego identification and narcissistic love object.

Children were asked to make up a story, based in the drawings in the pictures, and the content of their responses, when analysed, was thought to indicate the extent of Freudian personality traits, such as an anal personality, castration anxiety or penis envy.

Test includes spiral bound instruction manual and a set of 12 test cards with images on heavy gray board. Cards measure 8" x 11" each.

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