Dentiscope Surgical Lamp C.1915 on Articulating Stand

Very rare and highly sought after Dentiscope Surgical lamp dates from 1915. These lamps were very special and expensive back in the day and replaced the gas type lamps. Lamp has a magnifying fixed focal beam that comes from a small bulb inside and passes through two focal lenses. Takes standard type bulbs but of the shorter type (shown with 25w bulb). The lamp turns on and off in the back of unit and the wiring and bracket have been adapted to the body. The stand is an articulating stand 1920’s from Chysytler Manufacturing plant (has nice hand script on side noting that) .  The shade is in great shape and no cracks on the main body just typical tiny chips on end of glass that are typical with age and are hidden inside holders. Main Lamp body is 14" with 6" at its widest point.

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Large Saturn Cyanotype
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Nice large cyanotype that depicts ancient goddesses in sequence. The statues sequence categorize discoveries through time. Clean and minimal yet large enough to be a centerpiece. Measures: 22" x 30"

Cyanotype is a photographic process where a light sensitive emulsion is put on the paper. A negative is placed on top of the sensitized paper and exposed in the sun. All of these prints are sun exposed and then developed in water and oxidizer causing the unique prussian blue on the paper. 

Each piece is unique and hand made from start to finish.

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Vintage Aluminum Dental Phantoms
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