Large Lunar Map Cyanotype

Very unique and large cyanotype of the moon. The piece is two halves that have fine detail and feature formations, names, and degrees. The pieces are combined to make one giant map. The process also know as a 'blueprint' is a photographic process and is quite labor intensive. This is not a computer print but rather a large unique photo print that has been exposed, processed , washed and dried. I guarantee that you will not find anything like this around. Measures: 55" x 60" and is on heavy drawing paper.

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Vintage Rope Display
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'The Blind Leading The Blind' Horse Head Blinder Mount

Early 1900's metal blinder with aged leather straps and chains say so much. Piece is on a horse head mount that is easy to hang via a small hole that accepts a standard drywall screw head opening. The blinders have small metal slits on the bottom for what I presume is to see a little bit of ground. Pictured on brown head but you may get a black head mount. Measures: 33" H x 25" D

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