Iconic Original 1963 Burning Monk Press Photo

Iconic photograph of Buddhist monk Quang Duc set himself on fire as a sign of protest. A very powerful image that I have been looking for for quite sometime. Very difficult to acquire and the photographer never sold these as prints. Very curious since this piece won the Pulitzer prize --even Eddie Adams reluctantly made a limited edition for his family in his 80's of his famous execution photo (we also have that photo available). This original press photo was printed in 1972 and was used to run a story for a newspaper. The connection to the image and the news is an important aspect of this piece and in my opinion the purer way to tie the image to history. Piece is on photo paper with some aging mostly noted on the back and is otherwise in very good condition. Measures: 8" x 11"

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Developed by ABOIMED in 1987. This artificial heart pump went on pre-clinical trials in select hospitals. This device acts as a heart for those in severe late heart failure with no other options. The bvs 5000 can support a patient up to 14 days waiting for a transplant and acts as a support bridge for the patient.

The pump houses two polyurethane chambers: an atrial chamber that fills with blood through gravitational force and a ventricular chamberthat pumps blood by air-driven power. The atrial chamber is vented outside the patient. The ventricular chamber is connected to the power console by a 0.25-inch pneumatic (air) line. Two trileaflet valves separate the atrial and ventricular chambers. The pump can produce blood flow of up to 5 liters per minute. Cannulas of various designs (for blood drainage and return) are available to accommodate individual patient anatomy.

This piece is in very good condition and has a slight hairline that is not very visible and stable on the outgoing ventricle.

This is a vintage medical and historical object that is a great research tool and an excellent addition to a medical museum.

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