C. 1960's Real Human Skull X-Ray Trainer

Dental training manikin is akin to a modern mummy. The piece is modeled over a real human skull and padded with materials that allow the proper human flesh density for radiological training. Ratchet system controls the opening and closing of the mouth and the foot pedal allows the release (needs a little adjustment but works).

Advanced dental x-ray trainer developed from the original trainer created under the
sponsorship of the Bureau of Radiological Health of the Food and Drug Administration for the purpose ofillustrating proper radiographic positioning. The most realistic substitute patient available, it allows unlimited, consistent instruction of all types of intraoral radiography, without concern for patient radiation burden.

Comes with display base/

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1940's Massive Red Cross Banner

Bold and striking 1940's banner from the Red Cross. Piece is in very good condition  . Material is cotton and the red cross logo is stitched on. Measures: 84" x 104"

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