Vintage Orthodontic Metal Dental Phantom

This aluminum dental phantom is used for practice until the doctor is ready to work on humans. I think it is an incredible piece of medical sculpture.  The teeth are metal (aluminum)  orthodontic practice set set in a rigid wax to re-position, extract , or correct teeth. I have three of these type of phantoms, and each of the teeth are set in a unique way. Comes with display stand. 

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' The Architect' Large Vintage Chrome Weight Set

Vintage scale weights are quite beautifully designed but the problem is that they tend to be too tiny. These very large chrome weights are quite the statement and work well in the studio for practical applications or holding down large blue prints. It has taken me years to come across another set like this and this one is complete. Pieces have some oxidation speckles but with some effort will come clean. A very handsome display that comes in 10 lb all the way down two  .25 oz. Comes in aluminum case. The larger weights stand at 5" H case is 11" x 6.5" (Pictured steel base not included)

Weights 40 lbs

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1800's Odd Fellows Garb
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