Set of 25 Deep Space Charts

The set of 25 star charts have very rich deep blacks similar to a chalkboard surface. These charts feature both hemispheres and include clusters, nebulae, and constellations--among many other things. Besides the information they provide framed up these make an amazing display and can cover a whole wall of a room. Pick and choose how many to group or just do the whole lot for a jaw dropping effect. Printed on heavier paper pieces can be hung as is or framed for a more permanent display.


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    Black and White Portfolio Relief Print Limited Edition Signed (S03)

    Relief print printed on American Masters paper with very deep rich oil based ink. This series is part of a group of imagery from the black and white portfolio.

    The process:

    The work is a series of chance compositions consisting of geometric shapes deeply engraved on very thick metal plates. The plate is then rolled with oil based ink and the white is the  negative part of the plate embossed on the paper (see example details of the paper in following images) The paper then is dried and pressed for several days and the result is a sculptural print work.

    Details: Piece is limited edition of 25 with 5 artist proofs. Signed on the back of the print in pencil (Mariano Chavez). Natural deckle edge on American Masters rag paper Measures: 22" x 30"

    Piece comes unframed picture is shown as an example of what work looks framed

    The complete suite consists of 28 unique images contact us if interested in purchasing the complete suite.

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