Rare Eddie Adams Pulitzer Vietman Press Photo 2/2/1968

This Iconic photo is the best version we have gotten because it was printed the day after it was shot. The photo was originally shot on 2/1/1968 and this piece was printed on 2/2/1968. Stamped on the back with the publish date stamp and also a snipe. You can see the many more stamps that were applied when this photo was referenced and used over time. This was in a press room library and bears classic hand work that was applied to the photo over time to enhance the newspaper printing. Measures 8.25” x 9”. This photo is Eddie Adams' most famous photo (and one of the most famous images of the 20th Century), the Pulitzer Prize-winning shot of a street execution in Saigon, 1968 during the Vietnam War. Gelatin Silver wire photo on fiber paper.

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1940's Smoking Skull Photo
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This historic photo came from Apollo 13 onboard module. The print is 4” x 5” and you can see the contact negative on the print (reverse printed). It was acquired from a Grumman employee of many years. Most of these photos this size were used to categorize images to use for map making or archiving then destroyed—luckily this one survived. The back is stamped with the mission archive # and you can look it up and see it is in the historic archives. It also bears the initials LM (lunar module) in pencil below. The info pasted below is cortesey of NASA archives:

AS13-60-8703 (11-17 April 1970) --- This outstanding view of a near full moon was photographed from the Apollo 13 spacecraft during its trans-Earth journey homeward. Though the explosion of the oxygen tank in the Service Module (SM) forced the cancellation of the scheduled lunar landing, Apollo 13 made a pass around the moon prior to returning to Earth. Some of the conspicuous lunar features include the Sea of Crisis, the Sea of Fertility, the Sea of Tranquility, the Sea of Serenity, the Sea of Nectar, the Sea of Vapors, the Border Sea, Smyth's Sea, the crater Langrenus, and the crater Tsiolkovsky.

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Dark Side of the Moon
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