Aluminum Dental Phantom

Here is a picture of some very nice dental manikins that we just got in. They are all aluminum with a variety of features. The all metal one on the far right has removable aluminum teeth and the gums accept teeth via screws from the bottom and have set screws that can hold alumnal teeth. The center head has ears and has a fixed set of study teeth that are solid aluminum the far left model is the same and the all metal teeth form except it has ivorine teeth. I will be putting up other models in the next few days. Price is for far right model (all aluminum phantom). Pieces come with adjustable display stands. Please ask for pricing if interested in other models.

Listing is for the far right head only.

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Vintage Prosthetic Eyes (Set of 10)

The prosthetic eye set came from an ocularist personal collection. This set features prosthetic eyes in various states of production with very nice details like tiny painted veins and iris work. Each one is a tiny sculpture and comes in the display shown.

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