Surreal July 18 1943 Photo of a Sun Halo

Unique original silver gelatin photograph of a sun halo around the sun from 1943. A beautiful and surreal moment evocatively captured. Measures 8.25" x 10" with normal age old wear with writing and stamped date in verso.

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1968 Comet Photograph
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Very early Columbia dental manikin made of heavy cast aluminum. This piece is definitely an early model with all shroud pins on the cheek plates. Comes with a full set of Columbia dental teeth and a few have steel caps in the front teeth and one on the bottom (compliments the head) . The teeth set is held on very early columbia aluminum dental holder. the knobs on the front allow easy on and off of the teeth sets and can accept a variety of typodonts. Comes with a 1940's Columbia Dentoform M-5 articulating C.1940.

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