1968 Surreal Eye Overlay Graphs

This set of 7 overlays are nicely mounted on a thick clear sheets. The seventh sheet is the pupil that you can overlay or leave it as strange eye openings. Highly striking imagery dating from 1968. Measures: 7.5" x 8"

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Clear Dental Phantom with Aluminum Teeth Set

Clear and ghostly dental phantom used in dental schools for procedures. The head can accept a variety of teeth. The knob on the back unscrews teeth sets for evaluation and you can add a nice assortment of teeth changing the look and function of manikin. The aluminum set have had a procedure started on one tooth (crown prep) . Comes with vintage nickel stand as shown measures: 26" h but can be lengthened via thumbscrew on the mounting pole.

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1968 Diseases of the Eye
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