Night Walk 01 Cyanotype Signed Original Art

This series of work (Night Walk noted NW followed by series number) is made by using snake sheds and plants as a negative (much like a film negative) and exposing them on light sensitive paper resulting in making a ghost image of the composition. The cyanotype process when exposed with the sun causes the deep rich blue to permanently fuse to the paper. Each print is coated, exposed, washed and dried by hand. The piece is printed on heavy weight drawing paper that is acid free. Each piece is unique and signed in the back. The measurements for this piece are: 32" x 46"

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Finger Ruler Hand Printed on Heavy Paper (signed)

Large finger ruler screen printed on heavy paper. Printed by the artist with a rich black acrylic ink on a crisp white paper. Get these while available. Measures: 26" x 40"

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