C.1950 Star Maps 1-8 set

Star charts C.1950 show star clusters, nebula, and other night sky features. These are printed on heavy card stock and were well kept for many years. (Pictured) is set 1-8,  makes a great modular group or can be arrange in any configuration you would like. Perfect, simple and classic solution to space you want to accent but not distract. Measures: 12.25" x 18" sold as a set of eight 1-8 and also a set of 9-16 is available  . Each chart is different from the next.

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The Large Owl Cyanotype
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This very hard to find and in great condition collection features 132 stereoscopic cards of skin diseases. The stereo viewer creates a three dimensional effect.  Each card is printed on very heavy card board stock and have a very strong colors that are sharp and not faded. The back of the card explains the type of condition and cure. The cures are quite primitive and more hazardous than the skin disease at times. I have shown just a small glimpse of the collection to give you an idea. The collection is complete and comes in the original stereo viewer and box (that has been reinforced over the years) . Each card measures: 5" x 7" and has normal wear to edges of cards--several have age old stains. Comes with slide id sheet.

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