Rare and Unusual Optical Collection

Instead of spending the next three years hunting these out we have done that for you. The collection features unique and rare optical collection featuring: 1915 arctic goggles with original case, Quack medicine myopia cure glasses, Rare Robot brand light emitting glasses in original box with instructions in mint condition, 1940's Jewelers glasses,  and disorientation goggles. The set comes with custom stands.Quite of few of these you will never find anywhere. 

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1940 Leather Face Protector

The boxing 1940's sparing mask has such a powerful look that the mask has a presence on its own. Placed on the custom stand the mask floats and displays its personality. The stitched mouth and shaped ears are stand out details. The leather is in excellent condition and the black contrasts nicely with the yellow interior. Signs of wear are present on the inside. 

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