1930's Two Panel Steel Fire Door

I have two fire doors available dating from the 1930's. The one pictured is  used in my studio. I striped it and buffed one side and the other side had some hand painted detailing so I left it. The two doors for sale are from the same building and same style. I added hardware to the one pictured. The two available doors have paint on them and one has a peep hole installed. Both are in great vintage shape.

Again to be clear the one in the picture is just for reference of what you can do with them if you decide to strip it. These doors are unique because they are two panel doors. Fire doors of this type are not common and in most old buildings getting these is very difficult. 

Feel free to ask me for a shipping quote. I have shipped things like this (and heavier) all over the world so I am confident to say it will be no problem shipping. It does weigh about 300 lbs so you have to have some hands on your end. 

Measures: 83.25" H x 43.5" W x 2"D

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Early 1900's Drop Cage Light
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A.G.C Articulating 3 Arm Station

A.G.C has made its own line of adaptable and articulating heavy gauge steel lamps. Every light is hand made and unique. Parts are welded, machined, punched, and finished by us. Even the A.G.C placard is riveted and stamped by hand. The lamp is tough enough to last 100 years and comes in raw steel. The 6.10.12 is named after the proportions-- arms 6" 10" and 12" make up the main body. Clamp opens to 1.25 max opening and arms can be articulated to any configuration. Take a look at our multiple arm configurations listed.



Handmade weld construction with custom hand die punched parts

Raw steel construction

UL Listed lamp wire

Individual lamp arm  has 37" length fully extended to edge of shade

center circle of work station is 7.5" Diameter

 overall capacity of  6' span and can contract to 3' span

Drop shown is 20.5" but can be shortened or lengthened

Each lamp can be turned off or on individually 

accepts standard bulb

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