C.1901 Cardiac Pulse Recorder Sphygmo-chronograph

Invented by a Swiss Pharmacologist that inherited his fathers watch factory Jules Alfred Jaquet turned the watch company into a scientific instruments manufacturer. This device, the Sphygmo-chronograph, was a precursor to the polygraph machine. The pulse recorder consists of a complex machine that is worn on a leather wrist strap. The dials respond to pressure on the artery and when activated the mechanism rolls the smoked paper scroll and the stylus records the pulse intervals. 

This device comes in its original box with the leather strap and machine. The bottom roller advances with winding and activating the switch. This is as far as I have gotten on it but it has been well stored for over a 100 years -- the plating and craft is beautiful. Serial numbers correspond to the strap, machine, and box. Makers mark is visible on the side plate. Slight wear on the leather strap threads but considering its age it is pretty minor.

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1968 Comet Photograph
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Meditative and large cyanotype star field developed with the cyanotype method. The process of making cyanotypes is one of the earliest photography methods. Paper is coated with light sensitive solution and the UV light processes a chemical reaction that creates the deep permanent blue pigment. These prints are unique and offer a subtle hint of the artist hand. These are hand coated, printed, washed and dried. This star field is made with a giant film negative printed actual size on the heavy weight drawing paper. Measures:32.5" x 56" Signed by the artist in pencil on back of the piece

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