1940's Horse Gas Mask on Display Mount

Unused original 1940's horse gas mask comes displayed on a life size horse head mount with articulating mouth that allows for a bit to be utilized. The mask consists of goggles and mouth / nose compartment with bit to hold the piece securely to a horses face (cartridges are clean) and rubber is still playable . Piece can be easily hung via a single discreet mounting hole in the back. Comes with the original wooden case that holds the gas mask gear. 

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Large Alphabet Cursive Charts

These large cursive alphabet charts are graphically bold, simple and clean creating many design possibilities. We arranged them in descending order but this piece can be arranged in any way you wish. Letters are a nice ivory contrasting against the deep black on heavy card stock. The pieces have two discrete hanging holes on the top so all you need is a small nail (in our display we used brass escutcheon pins). Cards are numbered on the lower left corner 1-10. Sold as a set. Each card measures 8" H x 25" W --as pictured 25" x 80"

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