1940's Full Face Horse Gas Mask

Rare 1940's horse gas mask comes displayed on a life size horse head mount with articulating mouth that allows for a bit to be utilized. The mask consists of a full face rubberized material that covers the whole head. The straps adjust to hold it securely and the back part is like a giant seal. Comes complete with cartridges and shows sign of use and natural wear.   Piece can be easily hung via a single discreet mounting hole in the back.

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Prosthetic hand and arm, circa 1930s. Could be operated via a cable running from its end near the wrist and attached to the arm of the prosthesis. The proximity and angle of the would in turn dictate the opening and closing of the prosthesis. Made of enameled wood, metal springs, aluminum and leather.

Piece in in nice old condition with worn paint and signs of use.


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