1959 Big Joe NASA Aerodynamic Test Model

NASA constructs models of vehicles that go through rigorous testing before they go into production. This atlas rocket is an aerodynamic test model made by NASA in the late 1950's when 'Big Joe' was being made. The vehicle was to help launch a manned aircraft into space to orbit earth. We are lucky to acquire this one of a kind historical piece. It is very heavy and made of steel. Has its original paint and it is flaking in some areas due to age. No doubt this would look amazing chrome plated or polished up to a bare metal and polished--which is always an option. The model would have been placed in a wind tunnel at Langley for testing. In the photo sets pictured are other models at Langley that show similar test being performed on various rockets and also a photo of 'Big Joe' on the launch pad. Measures: 33.5" H with 6.5" at its widest point.  

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The Large Owl Cyanotype
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I started researching artificial heart devices many years ago. If some of you remember I was relentlessly pursuing the Jarvik-7. Much of what interest me is the deceptively simple yet complex design of these machines. The valves are specially designed to intake blood and drive it out without any failure or reverse flow on the system. A bladder driver filling up precisely and simulating the heart is an amazing achievement  of science and art. This display is a custom built lab type stand that holds the heart and vessel in close proximity. The mounted pump powers the heart cycle in an endless loop. This simple gesture is a gift that saves a life. The pump eerily mimics human breath as is flows in and out. A rather meditative reflection of life, death and evolution.
Click on photo set to see video of device in action.


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Vintage Aluminum Dental Phantoms
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