Rare 1960's NASA Aerodynamics SST Model

We recently acquired a rare 1960's aerodynamic test model for a NASA SST (Super Sonic Transport) vehicle from Langley Research Center. This model is rather large and is built of wood and composite materials. One rear fin has the NASA logo -- finish and condition is original. The piece measures 51" L and has a max width of 24". Everything is in tact with the minor exception of one rear fin. Wear has some dings and chip paint in areas. These Langley Aerodynamic models are very rare and as you can imagine and these were used in what is called the free-flight technique where they are tethered and float in the wind tunnel for study. A variety of designs were tested and this is one in the spectrum of craft. Reference the video for a demonstration of this type of craft in free flight testing. These video segments are courtesy of NASA Langley Research Center.

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1940's Smoking Skull Photo
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Dynamic eye display houses prosthetic human eyes dating from the 1940-50's. Each eye is unique and a work of art. Hand crafted and fitted for the individual-- the prosthesis takes high skill and time to mimic the color and tiny veins achieving realism. I acquired the eyes from an ocularist personal collection. These works of art are housed in an aluminum and wood display that can be table top displayed or wall hung via D-ring on back of piece. Measures: 10" x 6" x 1”

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