Large Cyanotype Lunar Map Signed

This large photographic image of the moon is printed on heavy drawing paper. Very unique and difficult to produce this piece is made with the cyanotype photographic method. Each large sheet of paper is hand coated with a light sensitive material and when exposed to uv light the paper turns a permanent deep indigo blue. Similar to exposing a photo with a negative this process requires giant film negatives resulting in a highly detailed image. If you are looking for a real piece of art this is it. Not only is it a beautiful piece but an accurate technical map of lunar sites with coordinates.

Although this piece is ready to hang as-is we also offer lined mounted service (just ask us).

Measures 56" x 61" as shown Artist signed in pencil in the back of the piece.

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1968 Comet Photograph
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Meditative and large cyanotype star field developed with the cyanotype method. The process of making cyanotypes is one of the earliest photography methods. Paper is coated with light sensitive solution and the UV light processes a chemical reaction that creates the deep permanent blue pigment. These prints are unique and offer a subtle hint of the artist hand. These are hand coated, printed, washed and dried. This star field is made with a giant film negative printed actual size on the heavy weight drawing paper. Measures:32.5" x 56" Signed by the artist in pencil on back of the piece

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