1920's Palmer/Hilton Solid Bronze Doors

I usually never get doors unless it is something stunning. These will fit right in my list of what I am looking for. These doors are solid bronze and look so amazing that even if you don't use these as doors they look great as a back drop in a room. I'm a big fan of using doors like this as head boards or wall pieces in rooms with high ceilings to break up the lines of a room. These doors date from around the teens-20's and came from the historical Hilton in Chicago. Each has beautiful details like push and pull placards that are attached to the doors and a nice deep natural patina that has been untouched.. Each door weighs approximately 300 lbs each each door measures: 29.25" W x 89 3/4" H or both at 58.5" W x 89 3/4" H. Call for details on shipping or feel free to pick these up at AGC.