Aluminum Prosthetic Eye Display with C.1940's Eyes

Note--upgraded eyes. All are in very nice condition and mostly blue ones with great vein details especially the last two at the bottom have blood shot looking eyes. Last display that I have and this is one that was in my personal collection.

Dynamic eye display houses prosthetic human eyes dating from the 1940-50's. Each eye is unique and a work of art. Hand crafted and fitted for the individual-- the prosthesis takes high skill and time to mimic the color and tiny veins achieving realism. I acquired the eyes from an ocularist personal collection. These works of art are housed in an aluminum and wood display that can be table top displayed or wall hung via D-ring on back of piece. A few are in various states of production while most are highly finished with fine details. Measures: 10" x 6" x 1”

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German Articulating Dental Phantom

German made Frasaco dental manikin with very nice articulating stand that has two points of positioning and movement. Side of head has access button that allows the head to slide open to change out teeth sets on the multi position jaw.. Teeth sets screw in top and bottom. A modu pro set is included and one of the teeth has a silver cap. Also a rubber shroud is included to use for wet work and add a layer of realism to the manikin. Comes as shown.

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Vintage 3M Calibration Phantom
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Eclipse and Flag 1940's Photo
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