Rare 1890's Vajen Bader Helmet with Original Tank Signed

The Vajen Bader is a desirable mask in any collection. An inspiring mask that transcends its original use as a fire safety helmet. The leather protective mask is lined in a protective wool layer along with mica lenses used as eye and ear shields— one would enter a burning building with this. The innovation was the air tank that provided a life line of  compressed air for a short time. This helmet has had real field use more than once (many notable areas on the mask). The leather is well worn and delicate in areas. There is noticeable soot on the wool liner that is present only in the bottom section as most has come off. The tank and helmet are an original pair and comes engraved with the owners name on the air tank. The tank is the rare larger model as some of these are half the size . Piece dates from 1900 and comes on a custom stand that supports the weight of the tank.

Despite the wear on this piece it has true working character which I have not seen.

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H-Bomb Atomic Photo 1956
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NASA Produced Atlantis Space Shuttle Model

A very important and rare NASA produced model. Three models were made with a white central booster tank and given to three major news networks (ABC, NBC, and CBS ) for display during shuttle launch programs. Three additional, with orange booster tanks were retained by NASA for internal use. This is only one of of two in private hands. Acquired by an engineer in spring of 1997 in auction it remained in his personal collection until his passing. Auction catalog provenance listing of model is provided. In great overall condition. A few nicks and chips are noted in photos but not distracting. Booster cones have chipping on the back of rocket—the non display side. Very large scale 1/48 measuring 20” x 50” x 10” and mounted on a heavy oak base with engraved placard.

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Eclipse and Flag 1940's Photo
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