Rare 1890's Vajen Bader Helmet with Original Tank Signed

The Vajen Bader smoke helmet is a pivotal development in safety technology and design. The terrifying shroud looks like design inspiration for Star Wars or other sci-fi fantasy. The piece was created in the late 1890’s as a protective shield for firefighters to enter smoke filled buildings . Features such as mica lenses, thick leather outer shell, whistle, and air tank made it possible. If your lenses got fogged up the small wiper blades cleared vision with a twist of the center knob. Ear pieces have thin protective film that protect and amplify sound. The air tank is self contained and pipes in air via a valve on the back of the hood. A three point harness system holds them in place. The tank is engraved by its sole owner Mr. Howell on the side of the tank in beautiful font. Tank and helmet are a true match as the valve connections are the same patina, and the gauge bears the makers mark with a thick beveled crystal. The leather is quite worn and has seen use. The previous owner claimed soot is still on the lenses so I have left the spirit of the hood in tact. Cuts and nicks are through out the piece (some revealing the horse hair padding). The interior wool is seen in in some places and definitely soot stained from use. The Vajen Bader is a defining piece in any mask collection and obviously quite scarce and next to impossible to find. What I like about this one in particular is that you know it has been put to real use—it has that feel of authenticity—it has been put through the fire. Comes with custom stand.

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Vintage 3M Calibration Phantom

This phantom has many applications for testing X-ray machines to dental imaging practice. The 3M calibration phantom has been a tough one for me to get a hold of in near perfect condition. You usually see them with chipped off noses or some cracks. This head is quite beautiful and this was cleanly produced (save for two tiny chips on the back bottom edge) not even noticeable. 3M marking embedded inside the bottom of base. A very striking work of medical art—a modern hard working mummy. Measures: 9.25” H and a depth of 8.25” from nose to back of head. Piece is over 30 years old.

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