Commander Letter to Son with Astronaut Autographs

A unique and rare little piece of history. A U.S.A.F Commander wrote a letter to his son telling him about the dinner at the embassy and meeting the astronauts. He had them sign the U.S. Embassy napkin in the upper right corner. The signature bears the names of Wally Schirra (Apollo 7) and Frank Borman (Apollo 8) —which the 50th anniversary just passed. Letter is dated 28, Feb 1966. Napkin is in good shape with some staining and fold marks.

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Large Framed Decollage Unique Work Signed

A decollage is the process of tearing or removing material from a piece vs. collage is where you add on to the piece. These unique works are hand printed on large sheets of heavy drawing paper with a combination of hand applied ink washes, over printing, silver washes, and tearing to show the layer underneath. This particular piece consists of six large pieces that have been combined to make a whole. The drips of the red ocean underneath give small hints through the floral tears. Measures: 46.75” x 58” Signed in lower right in pencil. Pick ups are welcome in the Chicago area.

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Early 1900's Optical Tester
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