Rare Early 1900's Ophthalmophantome George Pilling and Sons

Rare Ophthalmophantome ( Eye Phantom) by George Pilling and Sons. This piece is from the early 1900’s and is made of a Bakelite material making it quite remarkable that is has lasted this long. The piece was used by eye surgeons to study procedures on the simulation head. The classical head has two eye carriers that pivot naturally on an axis and the holder covers come off to allow the eye to go in and hold it in shut. Small thumb screws hold the carriers to the head and then the practice begins. This piece comes on original base (stamped pilling 11) and a metal tab that has been riveted to the top bears the 11 mark as well. The eye holders are also stamped pilling and are complete. Piece has stable age old hairline cracks and a few tiny nicks on bottom edge and one on the orbit. There are very limited examples of these types of phantoms out there and this is a unique one by George Pilling that can be added to the historical archive. Measures: 11” H from base to top of head.

Look at video below for a closer look at the eye carrier function. I used a prosthetic eye to show the movement and how the ‘pig eye’ is held in place and full axis movement.

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Very Large Vintage Silver Screen with Skulls

Large vintage retractable silver screen with original skull prints. The piece is one of a kind object that is ready to hang. The prints are very painterly and vary in distortion as the paint and the substrate mesh and mangle the material. The work has a subtle silvery sheen and makes for an instant art piece on any large wall. If you chooses to leave simply pull the screen down for a full retraction and leave to the next town. Easy pack and go. Measures 7.5’ x 8’ signed in pencil in lower right.

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