Cloud Series 01 Original Woodcut Signed

The cloud series by artist Tyler Krasowski is intense in execution yet fresh and masterfully done. The clouds are made from a photograph he took subsequently manipulating the image into bands of black and white. The image gets transferred on a paper to a wood block where he has worked out the template to carve. Next he carefully carves away the negative spaces a little bit at a time. The wood block is then inked up with an oil base black and hand burnished on Mulberry paper. The paper is then let to dry for about a week. Limited edition of 5— signed in pencil by the artist. Measures: 18.5” x 23.75”

The last two images show cloud 01 and 02 together. Check out the other image listed separately

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Large Saturn Cyanotype (Signed)

Large atmospheric image of Saturn hand printed on heavy arches watercolor paper. The image of Saturn is made using a large photo negative that is exposed on the paper using an old photographic technique (cyanotype process)—very vibrant blues are achieved with this process. Take a look at the subtle details of the rings and planet to see how intricate the image is. Measures approximately 32" x 54" unframed. Signed discretely in pencil in lower right. Below is a small technical detail about the cyanotype process:


The cyanotype process was developed by scientist and astronomer John
Herschel in 1842. The process was created only three years after
photography was invented. This process instead of using silver like
typical photography uses iron. The iron ‘salt’ solutions are combined
and coated on watercolor paper in a dark room and allowed to dry. When
a negative or plant material is placed on the paper it becomes a film
negative. The uncovered areas are exposed to UV light and cause a
reaction to the iron solution reducing it chemically to a deep
Prussian blue. The print is then washed and the covered dark areas on
the negative create the white and the exposed become deep blue. It is
a simple and natural process.

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