Nasotrecheal Simulation Manikin

True anatomically correct and visually accurate training manikin. This piece is used for various procedures : nasotracheal intubation, nasally fiberoptic examination, bronchoscopy, and various airway training simulations. The model is made of a high tech polymer integrated carbon fiber body and comes with adult air bags / lungs and a carrying case. Great looking medical manikin that is both highly useful and a great looking piece of art.

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Rare Rosenberg June 19th 1953 'Little Electric Chair' Press Photo

Iconic photo on many levels and still maintains political relevance today. The Rosenberg electric chair photo was the place where Julius and Ethel were to be put to death for espionage during the cold war. While this method of death is controversial there is something to be said about the empty chair that adds tension to those looking at it.

Warhol (urged by Henry Geldzahler) to make his death and disaster series was struck by the starkness of this image. It went on to go through many version and colors starting in 1963 -70’s

Warhol snagged a press photo dated Jan 13 1953 from a wire service to use as his reference to make the work. What I like about the photo we acquired is that it is very similar in format and date. I have taken a picture with it on a manila folder like the one in the Warhol Foundation to show scale (Warhol’s being the last photo with production notes on the margin).

The photo is stamped various times:

Jan 25 1953 and June 19 1953—the day that the Rosenbergs were executed

Photo is in very good condition. Well stored and printed on single weight gelatin paper. Small cracks on the varnish are mostly vertical from the slight rolling of the print. Photos of corners are all shown. Article snipes on back with pencil markings from press room and date stamps. Measures: 7.5” x 8”

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