Early 1900's Straight Jacket from Sedro Wolley State Hospital

From 1912 to 1973, what once was known as the Northern State Asylum welcomed its share of the state’s “insane.”

Patients at Sedro Wolley Northern State Hospital, which housed as many as 2,700 souls in the early 1950s, ranged from the violent mentally ill (a small minority) to the mildly disturbed — and beyond, to epileptics, alcoholics, drug addicts or mere social nonconformists. Many were immigrants.

Treatments were consistent with the times, and many are now considered barbaric. Doctors and nurses administered regular electric-shock treatments to many patients, including women incarcerated for “menopausal depression.” Heavy sedation, sometimes with experimental drugs, was common. “Insulin coma therapy” was employed, and some patients, beginning in the 1940s, received a new wonder cure, the transorbital lobotomy.

We were hunting for this Jacket for a customer and finally managed to get one from a grandson of a former Sedro Wolley employee. A beautiful example made of heavy canvas and riveted leather straps, and brass buckles. These type of jackets date from the early 1900's. This one bears the makers mark 'Ca' and appeared to be well used before it was retired. There is definitely a presence to this piece.

Bone Study Model

An excellent pharmaceutical model encased in a transparent human hand casting to show pressure points. Very nice amber color showing the bones of the hand. About the size of an average human hand.  

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1940's Sailors Knot Board

This unique and hard to find display features an impressive array of decorative and practical nautical knots set on a display board. Pieces are very nicely done and mounted to a wood display and are finished with a light gold tone that helps preserve the knots as well as gives them a very light luster. Piece is truly a one of a kind gem. Measures: 23" x 29"


Weathered English Castle Entrance Doors

These old castle doors are stunning. Entrance is made of spruce that has been well worn over many centuries along with hints of natural berry dyes to paint the back of the door. Other significant details include hand wrought rivets, hardware, and straps. These doors command attention and would look great in a home as a divider or make the perfect wine cellar entrance. Doors are nice and sturdy and would re-purpose well for exterior applications as well as interior use. Doors have natural wear at the base and sides, and the wood had a nice silvery sheen when exposed to natural light. Overall door measurements: 85" W x 90" H

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1910 Sterioscopic Skin Disorders (Complete Set)

This very hard to find and in great condition collection features over 100 stereoscopic cards of skin diseases. Each card is printed on very heavy card board stock and have a very strong colors that are sharp and not faded. The back of the card explains the type of condition and cure. The cures are quite primitive and more hazardous than the skin disease at times. I have shown just a small glimpse of the collection to give you an idea. The collection is complete and comes in the original box (without the lid). Each card measures: 5" x 7"

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1920's Palmer/Hilton Solid Bronze Doors

I usually never get doors unless it is something stunning. These will fit right in my list of what I am looking for. These doors are solid bronze and look so amazing that even if you don't use these as doors they look great as a back drop in a room. I'm a big fan of using doors like this as head boards or wall pieces in rooms with high ceilings to break up the lines of a room. These doors date from around the teens-20's and came from the historical Hilton in Chicago. Each has beautiful details like push and pull placards that are attached to the doors and a nice deep natural patina that has been untouched.. Each door weighs approximately 300 lbs each each door measures: 29.25" W x 89 3/4" H or both at 58.5" W x 89 3/4" H. Call for details on shipping or feel free to pick these up at AGC.

Aluminum Dental Head and Gum and Teeth Model

We have a very unique collection of dental / orthodontic practice heads. These heads were used to study  procedures before working on live models. The head, jaw and teeth are all aluminum. The aluminum teeth and gum models are (fixed) dental practice teeth that look striking and give a unified 'metal' look to the entire piece. Each head sold individually--we have only one in stock. Display base included.

Early American Folk Ventriloquist Doll

This doll is not the typical item that I hunt out but it was so cool that I had to get it. It is definitely well made by someone who sculpted it and hand painted it. The long rod that comes down its head is controlled by a small opening in the lower back. Piece comes in the original wood box that was made for the piece. Quite cartoonish and at times frighting this piece is like a dimensional sign of sorts. It reminds me of burger boy or some popular graphic character of the time brought to life. A great piece of American Folk art / sculpture. Measures: 26" H Box dimensions: 36 x 13 x 12" H

folkboy copy.jpg
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1930's Special Cure Lenses

These set of lenses came from an optometrists personal collection. Used as a treatment for myopia these special glasses were to be worn several times a day. There is something special about these that transcends their intended use--didn't Ducasse say ‘Beautiful as the chance meeting, on a dissecting table, of a sewing machine and an umbrella’--this is something like that.

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C.1915 Brass Bank Curtains

These pieces are very unique and finely made. Custom made for a bank in 1915 these massive curtains were stored for many years long after the bank was demolished. The front of these have some patina on the brass that can be easily removed, but in my opinion they add nice age and character. The tops of these curtains have brass tabs with eyelets that hook onto a support system. The weave is very intricate and is comprised of interlocking tabs. One picture detail shows the front and back of the piece. Each curtain weighs 50 pounds and has minor wear in some areas, but for the most part are in very good shape. The curtain behaves like fabric and drapes well over a table (if you intend to use them for other applications). Approximate size for each curtain is 64" W x 98" H.

Price upon request

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Louis Sullivan Chicago Stock Exchange Stringer 1893

Louis Sullivan built one of the most amazing buildings in history. Sadly, the Chicago Stock Exchange building built in 1893  was torn down and all that survives are the amazing art pieces that made up this incredible structure. The only place to admire such works is in museums or in the homes of a select few private collections. Here is an opportunity to bring a masterpiece into your home. This stringer section is very large and measures 17.5" H x 147" L.  Shown in the picture is a piece that is in my own personal collection to give you a better image of what it looks like cleaned. What you will get is 147" of this pattern. It is a complete uncut stringer section. Object is made of cast iron that is copper plated. Piece has some light surface oxidation and copper patination, but can be restored and cleaned like the one in the image.


1940's Cell Chart

I was recently watching 'Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow' and Anslem Kiefer was talking about our cells and how they retain memory--how our blood is composed of the same elements as the sea. You might say to your self whoa Germans are heavy and philosophical--perhaps. You can look at this German made 1940's poster and you can see where this thought could of started. Nice wear and age. Measures: 36" x 54"


Duchampian Object #2

Very unique wire objects that can be used in various ways, but these make very striking objects that can be hung from the ceiling and cut space in an interesting way. You can tell from this image there is nothing more to say. Each piece measures: 48" H with a 15" diameter. Priced per piece.

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