C.1915 Brass Bank Curtains

These pieces are very unique and finely made. Custom made for a bank in 1915 these massive curtains were stored for many years long after the bank was demolished. The front of these have some patina on the brass that can be easily removed, but in my opinion they add nice age and character. The tops of these curtains have brass tabs with eyelets that hook onto a support system. The weave is very intricate and is comprised of interlocking tabs. One picture detail shows the front and back of the piece. Each curtain weighs 50 pounds and has minor wear in some areas, but for the most part are in very good shape. The curtain behaves like fabric and drapes well over a table (if you intend to use them for other applications). Approximate size for each curtain is 64" W x 98" H.

Price upon request

Posted on June 22, 2013 .