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Louis Sullivan Chicago Stock Exchange Stringer 1893

Louis Sullivan built one of the most amazing buildings in history. Sadly, the Chicago Stock Exchange building built in 1893  was torn down and all that survives are the amazing art pieces that made up this incredible structure. The only place to admire such works is in museums or in the homes of a select few private collections. Here is an opportunity to bring a masterpiece into your home. This stringer section is very large and measures 17.5" H x 147" L.  Shown in the picture is a piece that is in my own personal collection to give you a better image of what it looks like cleaned. What you will get is 147" of this pattern. It is a complete uncut stringer section. Object is made of cast iron that is copper plated. Piece has some light surface oxidation and copper patination, but can be restored and cleaned like the one in the image.