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Articulating Goosneck Lamps

I have been meaning to put these up. I have been running around like crazy these days and these awesome goosenecks are just hanging out at the shop. These make the best bed stand lights. You can wall mount them or clamp them to a desk. Versatile, practical and beautiful. Three in stock. The center light is the articulating table light--this is also up on the site for viewing.


Vintage Cage Drop Lights

These lights were taken down by yours truly in a high ceiling that lead to a fire escape corridor. The cage lights looked beautiful there and now luckily we have them here for you at AGC--better hurry though, because we only have three in stock and we don't see these pop up that often. Lights adapt to any length with a 1/2" threaded end as pictured measure: 46" from top of mount to bottom of fixture. Priced per light