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Aluminum Dental Head and Gum and Teeth Model

We have a very unique collection of dental / orthodontic practice heads. These heads were used to study  procedures before working on live models. The head, jaw and teeth are all aluminum. The aluminum teeth and gum models are (fixed) dental practice teeth that look striking and give a unified 'metal' look to the entire piece. Each head sold individually--we have only one in stock. Display base included.

1920's Othodontic Gold Filling Practice Model

This orthodontic device is used for practice before they work on your mouth. This mold is quite difficult to find because older practice molds of this type and age have been long lost. This one is especially unique because they used gold to practice different filling scenarios. Usually I see these sell for the gold value, but I think they hold higher aesthetic value. I am glad that I got one in stock that has not been melted down for gold scrap. This particular set matches well with the manikin head (that I had featured a while back). Both are from the same period and would make a remarkable object.