Set of 33 1880's German Made Human Glass Eyes

A collection of 33 unique hand blown human glass eyes from the 1880's. These come from a master glass makers shop in Germany and are in various states of production (as noted in elongated eye on lower right). Eyes have unique character to them and are each filled with intense detail such as veins and iris detail. These were made to be used as prosthetic but were still in the shop as they were found., Would make a great set framed. Priced as a collection of 33

Posted on June 21, 2013 .

1940's Gurney

A very attractive 1940's Gurney perfect for a portable work station or display table. Comes with a nice little storage area at the bottom. This piece also has slots that can allow straps. This unit has one strap on it--not sure where the other went to. If I had to have this in my studio I might put a nice little matt and take a nap--don't judge me.  Measures: 70” L x 26” W x 33” H

Posted on June 21, 2013 .

Modern Explosion Proof Telephone

This phone is a beauty. Strong blue color with over sized buttons. This is the modern version of the explosion proof telephone. Piece is in excellent condition and includes new compliant head set (piece needs to be wired).

Posted on June 21, 2013 .

1930's Gymnasium Score Board

This score board was removed from an old gymnasium (score board dates from C.1930). Center timer clock is a nice reddish amber color that is back lit. Very nice red and white bulbs on the home and visitors side add a nice touch along with the buzzer in the bottom center. Timer clock has a dome like grid cage to protect it from getting hit by the basketball. Visitor and home side placards are removable and printed on heavy card stock (visitors' card has surprisingly survived)! Piece is made of metal and has original hanging bolts where it once hung in the gym. Unit has the original wiring, but needs a plug to light it up. Inside mechanics are intact, but is missing the controller for the panel.

Posted on June 21, 2013 .

1920's Othodontic Gold Filling Practice Model

This orthodontic device is used for practice before they work on your mouth. This mold is quite difficult to find because older practice molds of this type and age have been long lost. This one is especially unique because they used gold to practice different filling scenarios. Usually I see these sell for the gold value, but I think they hold higher aesthetic value. I am glad that I got one in stock that has not been melted down for gold scrap. This particular set matches well with the manikin head (that I had featured a while back). Both are from the same period and would make a remarkable object.

Set of 10 Vintage Prosthetic Feet

 am always hunting for unique vintage medical items and these just happened to walk into my life--you know what I mean. This set consists of a variety of feet in different states of detail. Some are quite functional looking while others seem very realistic down to the follicle--a few are little baby feet. These would look great mounted on a black plaque as a display--or you can leave them just as they are. Sold as a set of 10

Posted on June 20, 2013 .

1940's Field Study of Poisonous Botanicals

This attractive collection of poisonous botanicals comes hand bound in a field book. Pieces are very beautiful and come in an over-sized book with notations that cover: description, location, appearance, and other scientific notes. Piece has nice age and is well preserved for its age. Book pages are nice cream wove paper with slight plant pigmentation on the pages. Outer cover is hardbound with black linen edging. When fully open book measures  25" W x 15" H . Features about 20 different plants--would look great framed as a set.

Posted on June 19, 2013 .

Articulating Goosneck Lamps

I have been meaning to put these up. I have been running around like crazy these days and these awesome goosenecks are just hanging out at the shop. These make the best bed stand lights. You can wall mount them or clamp them to a desk. Versatile, practical and beautiful. Three in stock. The center light is the articulating table light--this is also up on the site for viewing.


1940's Hand Painted St. Lazarus

A little back story. I found this statue of St. Lazarus four years ago and decided that I would locate another one similar--could not happen. I think that this is one of the most amazingly done Lazarus statues I have ever seen. This piece is hand painted in such high detail to the point of disturbing realism. The wounds have such perfect application that it hurts to look at them. Most of what you will find is cartoonish simplification, and it is understandable considering how intense this piece can be. St. Lazarus has many different historical references and different interpretations and has also interested artist through the ages.  Carravagio, Rembrant,and Van Gogh are a few notables that have made work inspired by this saint. Piece measures: 17.5" H with a 9" x 6" base made of plaster and metal with hand painted details.

Posted on June 17, 2013 .

Vintage Planetarum

This planetarium shows the rotation of the sun and moon along with the changing of the season. Base indicates the month and season while the chain drive moves the moon around the sun showing day and night. A very simple, yet effective tool in demonstrating the earth and moon rotation. We love the design of this piece and we are sure you will too. Nice bright colors, and globe is made of metal with nice wear and age.

Posted on June 15, 2013 .

1960's Celestial Globe

This vintage celestial globe functions as a device to show the relationship of the sun and earth throughout the year. All 88 constellations are shown on a clear globe which surrounds the earth. Inside the sun can revolve around the earth. The galactic equator is shown in red and the earth is on the yellow elliptical line--both equinoxes are shown. On top of the unit sits a functioning compass that is very accurate. The globe rotates and the galactic equator can be moved up to 85 degrees. Makes a great display piece, but is also highly functional and educational. Measures: 13.5" H x 10.5" diameter

Posted on June 14, 2013 .

Early 1900's Large Lithographs Spider and Fly (Set)

These pieces took over a year to hunt down and collect as a set--quite difficult to come by, and I had to have one of these pieces located in France for me. These lithos are printed in Holland are of the highest craft possible. Pieces are stone litho printed and are mounted on linen. They have wear and crackles in areas, but that is expected with charts this old. They are quite amazing as a set and without a doubt add visual punch to any collection. Originally used as a teaching tool they are so visceral and powerful to look at that they are works of art in their own right. Each chart measures 52" x 57" and are sold as a set.


Vintage Cage Drop Lights

These lights were taken down by yours truly in a high ceiling that lead to a fire escape corridor. The cage lights looked beautiful there and now luckily we have them here for you at AGC--better hurry though, because we only have three in stock and we don't see these pop up that often. Lights adapt to any length with a 1/2" threaded end as pictured measure: 46" from top of mount to bottom of fixture. Priced per light


1940's Prototype 1-M 'Wall of Sound' Studio

This is a set of seven beautifully designed speakers housed in gray metal cabinets in various states of wear and patination. Set includes two round speakers on stand and five square speakers. Square speakers have mounting brackets and can be wall or ceiling mounted. We prefer the configuration as shown, but would also work well in a home theater, sound studio, or on stage for performances-- a highly unique piece of studio design. Dimensions variable--square speakers measure: 8" x 8" x 4" round have a 8.5" diameter.


1945 Hand Painted Medical Model

This amazing and large model was made in 1945. Piece is made of plaster and shows wear from years of use. Piece has many pieces that can removed: Stomach, heart, liver, intestines, uterus, kidney, brain, and lungs. Each piece is hand painted and numbered and piece is mounted on an oak base. The item is a very unique piece of art in its own right and the details are numerous. The eye is glass and hand blown with incredible detail and realism. Made by Denoyer Geppert Chicago--signed on the back of the model and dated. Measures: 37" H

Posted on June 8, 2013 .