Looking back part 1

I gotta say that I am pretty tired. Looking back I have shot thousands of things. The process goes: Find the thing, load the thing, unload, clean, style, shoot, edit, write copy, post, sell, package and ship. You feel me?  Did you get tired of reading that? Now you know how I feel. I figured I should post these picture that were a labor of love to shoot and capture the 'thing'--you know to continue to learn and make a record of it. Everything shot is just me and sometimes one assistant.

Posted on June 13, 2015 .

The thirties future

Posted on March 26, 2015 .

Jarvik-7 Artificial Heart

Dr. Robert Jarvik invented the first artificial heart in 1982. I really like the story of Jarvik. It is the story of persistence and accomplishment--after having been rejected numerous times out of medical school he finally made it in University of Utah and developed this heart! This early model was hooked up to a large battery pack the size of a refrigerator and made a constant clicking sound. Barney Clark a 61 year old dentist was the first to get one of these and survived 112 days on it. It is a fascinating and pioneering piece of medical history. Piece came from a cardiologist personal collection and is a working model used to study the Jarvik-7 before implants and also to show candidates how it works. Has 'not for implant' securely built in the model chambers so as not to accidentally end up in someone. You can visit one in the Smithsonian or have one in your private collection.

Posted on January 7, 2015 .