Large Fish Skeletons Cyanotype (signed)

This large cyanotype is printed on heavy Arches watercolor paper to achieve a beautiful deep blue. The print is a serene diagram of different fish skeletons chosen for their dynamic shapes and design. These pieces are hand coated and made so the characters are unique to that piece. Comes discreetly signed in the lower right corner in pencil . Measures: 28” x 58”

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1940's Smoking Skull Photo
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This original framed work is created using the Décollage method. Décollage is the opposite of collage where paper is lifted off / ripped off showing layers underneath. In this piece there are three screen printed skulls all hand painted with strong color and layered like an old billboard. The process of decollage exposes the layers underneath yet also completing the image as a whole with vivid accents. Professionally framed in a black wood frame and glass. Signed discreetly in pencil in the lower right Measures : 25” x 28.5”

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