Challenger Tragedy Press Photos Collection 1-4

An interesting and unforgettable moment in my childhood was watching this happen in my school cafeteria during lunch. All the kids and teachers were watching. Definitely a tragic moment for us all. What is interesting is that locating these type of photos of this event are quite hard to locate. I am not sure why that is so when I do find any materials I usually get them. In this collection of photos all the pieces came from a now defunct newspaper. The photos are laser photos which is what press rooms used sometimes to shoot and mock up the story for the paper. They are like old faxes but a special type that was designated for the press to transfer images from one location to another to run the story. They are categorized as a photo / archive document of the news story. These are sold as a collection of this event.

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Veterinary Dog Simulator Manikin on Stand

Professional dog manikin head that shows teeth relationships. Head is made of a durable semi flexible cast that allows extraction of the teeth for study / demonstration. Professional dental veterinary head comes on stand as shown and can come off of display. Missing a few teeth that were extracted but otherwise usable interesting object.

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