Large Framed Skull Decollage Signed

This large decollage is made of three full overlayed sheets of hand colored heavy weight drawing paper. Each sheet is hand washed with red, yellow, and green watercolor gouache. The sheets are then dried and the skull image is printed on top with a very dark matte acrylic ink. Each sheet is then hand torn, glued and overlayed to finish the work. The resulting composite image is singular yet each sheet beneath compliments it with color. The edges are not trimmed paper stack is skewed to show deliberately the working method with marks, pin holes and drips. Piece comes framed on a linen textured matte that compliments the natural white drawing paper. Piece is signed in lower right in pencil. Measures: 46.5” x 58.5”

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Heavy Cast Brass Grotesque Knocker

This design was custom made in 1930 and ultimately ended up on an orphanage door that was on a tutor mansion just outside of Chicago.  I was obsessed with the house and made a bronze cast of this. So there you have it. I have one, the mansion has one, and now you will have one. Super heavy bronze cast and will last longer than any house it is on. Measures: 8.5" diameter weighs 9lbs and has 8/32 threaded mounting hole on the back to attach to door.

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Vintage 3M Calibration Phantom
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Eclipse and Flag 1940's Photo
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